I provide neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ affirming therapy in NC

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The Important Thing Is, You're Here

Hi, I’m Ashlyn Baker, the owner and founder of AshTree Counseling Center. I am autistic and part of the LGBTQ+ community. I specialize in working with neurodivergent folks (or people who think they might be neurodivergent). 

I provide an inclusive space that will create room for processing and offer a deeper understanding of behaviors and feelings.

Ashlyn Baker, MA, LCMHCA, NCC | Located in Charlotte, NC and serving clients throughout North Carolina
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Be Seen & Heard

for who you are, as you are

I am a firm believer that healing happens within the context of meaningful relationships. Just as many of our wounds occur in damaging relationships, healing occurs in empathetic and non-judgmental relationships, which is why you will always find acceptance just as you are at AshTree Counseling Center. My approach to your healing begins with demystifying the counseling process and taking our time getting to know one another.

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I specialize in working with clients who are dealing with any of the following:

  • Online Therapy for Anxiety 
  • Online Therapy for Depression
  • Online Therapy for Trauma

You are not alone in any of it. I’m here to help.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a word that explains how people’s brains work. We’ve been taught to believe that there’s such a thing as a “normal” brain. That’s not true. All brains are unique, and we have different names for different categories of brains. 

How Does Therapy for Neurodiversity Work?

I provide you with a safe, affirming space that allows you to learn about who you are. I provide education on how your brain processes the world around you. My goal? To see you living a happy, fulfilled, and joyous life. 

Getting Started With Online Therapy in North Carolina

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1. Schedule an initial consultation

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2. We will have a brief consultation

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3. We will decide if we are a match

The most important relationship that can be repaired in therapy is the relationship you have with yourself. You spend more time with yourself than anyone else. Why not love that person?

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Ashlyn Baker, MA, LCMHCA, NCC
If you're nervous about virtual therapy,

Let's Put You At Ease

It’s completely normal to be feeling nervous about starting virtual therapy. How will we connect? Will I be getting as much support as I would in person?

Moving something so personal to an online space can feel intimidating, but online therapy has been shown time and time again to be effective. The same connections that happen in person can happen in online therapy with the added benefit of cutting out travel and getting to sit in a space where you already feel comfortable.

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Messages from our Clients

"Ashlyn Baker was the first counselor that looked at me like a person with things going on in my life. Not like I am those things."

"The most helpful aspect of counseling was when Ashlyn could help me identify what I was going through and put my anxiety into words."

"I was able to have an objective point of view brought into my decision making process that also took my feelings into account, but did not sugar coat her answers."