February 2024

Neurodivergent Sensory Needs & Adaptations

When you discover that you might be neurodivergent, one of the first things that you might learnabout is sensory needs or your “sensory profile.” As defined in my previous blog onneurodivergent vocabulary, your sensory profile includes the 5 senses (seeing, hearing, touch,smell, taste) as well as vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness andpressure), and …

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autism special interests

Special Interests: An Autist’s Magical Rabbit Holes

If you have recently discovered you or someone in your life is autistic, you may know the term “special interest.” In the neurodivergent community, special interests, sometimes referred to as “SpIns” for short, are often a big part of our identities. In one of my previous blog posts, I outlined many neurodivergent terms, one of …

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